Best CUSTOM ROLLING PAPERS In The Industry! * Just Burn One & See For Yourself.



Ordering Custom Paper’s has never been easier. Watch and see how.

Here’s some information about us, our products, pricing, and ordering:

​We currently offer only ultimate-quality, 14gsm, ultra-light,and slow-burning paper.

· When our U.S. facility opens later this year, we will have all of your favorite paper styles.
· We are the only FDA-Authorized maker of Custom Rolling Papers

All of our prices include everything, from Design-to-Delivery.
Most importantly, at Rocky Mountain Papers we pride ourselves on 3 things:

1. Customer Service. Our focus is on building client relationships. We
depend on reorders and your success. We also limit ourselves to a maximum
of 250 clients.

2. Product Quality. Our founder spent years developing a true
medical-quality paper, receiving US Government Marketing Authorization.

3. Fast Shipping. Production is generally 4-6 weeks from art approval &
with our new American factory opening soon we will be delivering in days,
not weeks!

Pricing includes EVERYTHING, including Delivery, at any options or
sizes. We just need your art in .AI and print-ready pdf.

Email us at: [email protected]

· 1,000 booklets = $1.25/booklet= $1,250 on sale for $999

· 2,000 booklets $0.90 (was $1.00) = $1,800.00

· 3,000 booklets $0.60 = $2,250.00 plus receive a FREE Custom Box

· 5,000 Booklets $0.60 = $3,000.00 plus BONUS:
5,000 FREE Lighter-sized Stickers
200 FREE Custom Display Boxes

· 10,000 Booklets $0.60 = $6,000 plus BONUS:
10,000 FREE Stickers,
400 FREE Custom DisplayBoxes

· 25,000 Booklets
$0.55 each = $13,750 plus BONUS:
1,000 FREE Posters
25,000 FREE Stickers
1,000 FREE Custom Boxes

*We also now have Booklets with filter tips attached. $0.95 cents at a
minimum order of 10,000 Booklets. Includes custom boxes and 10,000
lighter-sized stickers.

1-1/4 or King-Size: SAME PRICE

FREE Fedex AIR Shipping

Rocky Mountain Papers is proud to be the only custom paper maker with FDA
Marketing Authorization.

Product Benefits:

Giving someone a pack of papers is like handing them a $20 bill.

• Premium Lightweight Medical-Quality Paper

• Pricing includes everything, from Design-to-Delivery, including any
features, size or option

• 25 Booklets per box, not 24

• No Middleman, We Control Production in-house

• Sell only 20-25% and they pay for themselves!

• We have made hundreds of Custom brands for: Lagunitas Brewery, Wiz
Khalifa, Slightly Stoopid, Lawyers, Bands, Smoke Shops, NPR, Bars, SoHo House
Concerts, Marc Emery, even Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson, &
so many others!

• Greatest promotional item since Wrigley gave a piece of gum to everyone
in the U.S. phone book

All we need to get started immediately is your art, or just an idea you have, and a form of payment.

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