Best CUSTOM ROLLING PAPERS In The Industry! * Just Burn One & See For Yourself.



Daneil Fearon was born and raised in the garden parish of Jamaica, Sturge Town, St. Ann. He has been residing in Toronto, Canada since 2017. I was born in January 1997, and is an ambitious and pioneering young man who is passionate about whatever he puts his mind to and stands for integrity, quality, and perfection in everything he does.

While he was working two jobs he decided to start a small business. Various start up ideas came to mind, but quickly was left with one thought, his true passion, rolling papers. And ACE Rolling Papers was born!

He was fascinated with the industry and rolling papers are his true passion. He came up with the name ACE while playing cards one weekend. He wanted to echo the feeling you get or hope to achieve when smoking, ACE-ing it.

His ultimate goal is for ACE Rolling Papers to take off, expand further down the line and eventually be the best selling rolling paper world wide. People will fall in love with ACE because of the peace of mind that it brings.

Make ACE your choice. The eye catching package, the colours, the amazing white, unbleached, superior-quality paper, the content; all are appealing. So gravitate to the feeling of absolute carefree euphoria.

​Smoke with ACE and never fail a paper again!

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